During the initial release, SEER will create a basic prediction market that attracts users around the world to frequent small-amount predictions and provides academic support for prediction as a sociological proposition. After the basic prediction market has been completed, customized industry-specific decentralized applications for predictions will be developed and released on the basis of SEER’s demand analysis on diverse industries, such as finance, insurance, social politics and sports betting.


SEER is a next-generation blockchain-based decentralized prediction market built on the Graphene toolkit. It allows users to express their judgments about future events by means of the market mechanism and makes effective predictions by gathering intelligence and ideas. Equipped with multiple-hosts decentralized Oracles, SEER offers users credible decentralized prediction market service. Also, SEER Committee and a mechanism of arbitration have been set up to maintain high efficiency, impartiality and self-government.

Token Details

Token Details

Token Distribution

SEER Token total initial distribution: 10 billion

SEER Token total valuation:50000 ETH

Token Distribution Details

10 billion SEER tokens will be distributed at the following ratio:

36% - will be sold in the token sales campaign.

5% - will be distributed to the participants in the pre-sale campaign.

19% - will be used for business promotions and operations.

20% - will be distributed to the team, advisors, and partners.

20% - will be used for DAPP development bounties and witness rewards.



Encrypted private prediction markets

Introduced a new type of efficient and encrypted blockchain-based private prediction markets so that only designated participants and builders have access to all information about their private prediction markets. Each private prediction market only allows participation of designated users and relevant information of the blockchain will be completely encrypted.

Anchor token in prediction markets

SEER offers prediction market builders anchor token options for specific prediction markets.

Isolated decentralized application programs

SEER offers a series of SDKs and samples of decentralized applications so that market builders can develop their own decentralized applications. In SEER, users can build prediction markets and mark them with special labels before filtering the prediction markets in the blockchain with self-developed decentralized applications to display the prediction markets created by specific builders.

Decentralized Smart Oracle

A multiple hosts-based decentralized Oracle function has been introduced into SEER, with which, if a prediction market builder sets a specific threshold value, only when there are 10 Oracles apply for the prediction and at least seven of these Oracles output the same result in the prediction market will such result be adopted.



Sports betting is an enormous market and SEER has provided an authentic decentralized sports betting solution. In addition to the general functions of a single-host Oracle, an advanced decentralized Oracle based on the multiple-hosts model is also available, which can efficiently prevent the failure in timely producing results due to frauds or single-point fault of the traditional centralized service.

Assets price including that of real estate and bulk commodities is closely associated with our daily life. A user may build a prediction market via SEER and invite other users to participate in the prediction about a specific type of assets where other users can intuitively learn the estimated price of those assets.

SEER offers a convenient, reliable and efficient prediction market tool. Getting rid of complicated settings, the tool enables users to build prediction markets on SEER and invite other users to participate in predictions.